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Working for the common good

Greenham Trust has given £40 million in its first 20 years to improve the lives of local people.

In fact, most people, young or old, living in West Berkshire and north-west Hampshire have probably benefitted in some way or other from Trust funding, even if they aren’t aware of it.

Nearly 5,000 local projects large and small have been funded through a range of different Trust funding schemes.


Over 100 village and community halls have been refurbished, renovated or rebuilt through one of the funding schemes. £1.5 million has gone to the Rosemary Appeal for a cancer and dialysis care centre at West Berkshire Community Hospital. Houses have been bought and refurbished as supervised accommodation for adults with learning difficulties or for teenagers being made to leave foster care at 18. Museums and arts venues have been refurbished. Most charitable organisations working locally have been given vital running costs or premises from which to operate. Local sports clubs and facilities are also now benefitting under a new scheme set up to improve recreation for local people.

So where does the money come from? Commercial property rents are the sole source of the Trust’s charitable giving. As well as the 150-acre Greenham Business Park, which is the region’s largest strategic employment site, the Trust has begun to increase its portfolio of commercial holdings with properties in Newbury, Thatcham, Basingstoke and Hungerford, generating even more money for local good causes. That’s nearly 250 local, national and international businesses not only employing local people but also helping the Trust to improve local people’s lives.