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Half of Brits are losing sleep every week due to this!

Those affected are disrupted on average 70 nights a year, leaving them feeling tired and grumpy

Almost half of UK adults are losing sleep every week due to noise from outside their homes, leaving much of the nation feeling worn-out and grumpy on a regular basis.

According to the research by Everest Home Improvements, 46% of Brits are woken or kept awake at least once a week by noise from outside, with those affected being disrupted on average 70 nights a year.

Following a disturbed night’s sleep, many are left tired and strung-out, with over a third saying they have less energy, while three in ten find themselves in a bad mood the next day. Productivity levels are another key concern, with almost a quarter of respondents saying they are less productive after their sleep has been disrupted and more than one in five  struggling to concentrate.

The poll found that the top sources of noise disrupting the nation’s sleep were anti-social behaviour, neighbours and car or house alarms. Road noise or traffic  and other people’s pets also featured high on the list of intrusive noises that regularly keep people awake.

Despite the significant impact on their state of mind, less than a third  of respondents said they would ask those creating the disturbance to be quiet, opting instead to wear earplugs or turn up their TV or radio. Almost one in six  have gone so far as to move house because of the noise coming from outside their home, with another one in twenty currently considering moving due to noise pollution.

Psychologist Emma Kenny explains, “In the modern age, where life is fast paced and where the work-life balance can feel challenging, finding sanctuary is more important than ever. Noise disturbance is annoying at the best of times, but more importantly it can cause health issues when it interferes with our sleep patterns.

“Getting an uninterrupted and peaceful night’s sleep ensures we are physically and emotionally rested and allows our bodies to heal from the stresses and strains of modern day living. If the noise outside is affecting our ability to rest and relax, we are likely to experience a whole host of negative issues, including irritability, lack of focus and exhaustion, which can impact on every aspect of our life. That’s why it’s imperative to create a zen space, with as little noise pollution as possible.”

Martin Troughton, Marketing Director at Everest, adds, “While many of us will know from personal experience that a disturbed night’s sleep can have a detrimental impact on how we feel the next day, the scale of the issue identified through this research is something of a surprise. Almost half of the adults in this country are being affected every week, which is having a huge influence on their mood and overall state of mind.

“Although two thirds of those surveyed said they wouldn’t ask the person creating the disturbance to keep the noise down, there are other things they can do to mitigate the problem. Rather than going to the extreme lengths and cost of moving house, fitting sound-reducing products such as windows made with laminated acoustic glass will help to reduce the noise, as well as potentially improving the property’s energy efficiency and security.”