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Sizzle and Smoke by Waitrose

Waitrose is introducing the ultimate barbecue range with 35 products including a sharing buttermilk chicken kebab, sardines and treacle-cured steak. Ingredients from around the world including sriracha, yuzu, black garlic and miso are used across the range to create a selection of flavourful dishes that are ready to be grilled. 

The Buttermilk Chicken King Kebab (£7/924g) uses succulent chicken thighs marinated in buttermilk to ensure the meat stays deliciously tender and is finished with a warming, smoky Louisiana-inspired rub.  Perfect for sharing, this kebab is the ideal dish to carve at the table. 

The Treacle Cured Flat Iron Steak (£7/430g, pictured) is predicted to be a favourite with Waitrose customers this summer. The dish, which is ideal for sharing between four people, is smoked over oak and then cured in black treacle to give a subtle sweetness. It is then garnished with apricots and lemon thyme.

Also new for 2018 is the Yuzu & Miso Butterflied Pork Fillet (£7). The tenderloin is butterflied by hand, flattened and brined in yuzu juice, mirin and salt. The fillets are then hand coated in a Japanese rub which consists of red miso, tamarind, porcini, garlic, five spice powder and dried red bell pepper flakes. The rub adds an intense flavour to the pork and forms a dry bark on the surface of the meat during grilling. Cornish filleted sardines (£4/250g) marinated in lemon, garlic and parsley are a light and delicate alternative to meat for a fresh summer taste. 

The classic burger has been given a modern makeover with the introduction of Waitrose Black Garlic Beef Burgers (£4.29/454g) which are flavoured with a darker, sweeter version of garlic typically used in Asian cuisine.  Other new additions include subtly smoked burgers including Applewood Beef Burgers (£4/454g), Hickory Beef Burgers (£4/454g) and Mesquite Pork Burgers (£4/454g). Each choice of wood has been carefully selected for its unique flavour; Applewood and mesquite impart a sweeter smoke, while hickory packs more of a punch for that classic barbecue taste.