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All things summer

With summer fast approaching us it is a fantastic time to get out and seek the many benefits that arise from outdoor activities. Whether it’s for health and fitness or a good reason to spend time with loved ones here are some terrific activities to keep you busy this summer.

Think barbecue, think fish?
The growth in the UK consumption of fish at barbecue time shows that consumers have discovered the goodness in grilling fresh fish in the open air, much like our southern European friends have been doing
for decades.

With 64.9million mid-week barbecues last year, a rise of 18% – the impromptu after-work get-together seems to be gaining ascendancy over the weekend barbecue, but what are we eating?

Chicken and sausages have declined which is being attributed to the reduction in multi-buy offers across grocery retail. Burgers grew by 32.7%, but they are becoming more than just a barbecue favourite. Many Brits now eat them throughout the year, supported by the massive growth of burger chains on the UK high street. Fish grew substantially last year with 5.3million portions being served up as consumers look for healthier alternatives to red meat. Consumers now have a large range of fish to choose from, which is encouraging them to expand their palates and try different seafood.



This Cypriot-origin cheese is loved for its robust texture and deeply savoury flavour.

Halloumi Burger
Heat a large griddle pan until hot. Place halloumi pieces and cook for about 1 or 2 minutes on each side until charred lines appear. Set aside. Add olive oil into the pan and add tomato slices and red pepper strings.

Cycling UK is an organisation founded in 1878 when cycling created a new mode for transportation. This low impact aerobic sport; increases cardiovascular health and joint mobility, strengthens bones, aides weight loss, improves posture and co-ordination as well as having the added benefit if decreasing stress levels good for overall mental health. Electric bikes are becoming ever more popular with the benefit of a higher speed and exercise without the need to peddle uphill!

Although key flavours in the last 10 years have been spicy, Chinese and piri-piri, Korean barbecue cooking has seen a growth across the UK. The flavour has been transferred through American BBQ chefs using Korean marinating techniques before cooking the meat.Korean barbecue can be used simply as a sauce, but equally can replace the traditional Chinese marinade on pork loins or piri-piri chicken wings.



Outdoor yoga
Yoga began in Northern India 5,000 years ago. Yoga emphasises increasing strength, flexibility and breathing as a holistic means to improve overall wellbeing. Studies have found that not only does yoga improve physical health but benefits people who suffer from back pain, stress or depression.

Originated in 16th century and gained popularity during the 18th century. The first International match was in 1877 between Australia and England. It is now a pastime played throughout the world. The benefits of cricket include:
1 Improved hand -to-eye co-ordination
2 Physical fitness
3 Cardiovascular health
Another benefit is life skills which include teamwork and benefits deriving from social interaction.

Did you know?
Test matches between England and Australia are known as The Ashes because of an obituary published in the Sporting Times in 1822: “In affectionate remembrance of English cricket. . . The body will be cremated, and the Ashes taken to Australia.”


Swimming uses all the muscles in the body so whether you swim a gentle breaststroke or hammer butterfly, you will feel the benefits:
1 Works the whole-body, building strength and endurance
2 Works the cardiovascular system
3 Helps people lose weight
4 Relaxing for the mind and body
5 Improves sleep
6 Helps manage stress
7 Is suitable for people with arthritis or joint pain

Canoeing and kayaking
Perfect summer low impact activity. In addition to improving aerobic fitness, they improve cardiovascular fitness, increase muscle strength and flexibility. Being on the water can be very peaceful and have a meditative effect on the mind.

Walking is a low impact activity transpiring in physical and mental wellbeing. The many benefits include:
1 Walking fights dementia
2 It cuts your risk of cancer
3 It helps your heart
4 Improves your mood
5 Walking encourages weight loss
6 Helps prevent high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes
7 Builds stamina
8 Improves sleep
9 A faster pace of walking is more beneficial and the more frequency it can be done the better.
For a local group in the area visit: www.wberksramblers.org.uk