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David Wilson has its say on Feng Shui

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese way of thinking which teaches people that a home’s build and design can affect success, health and happiness.

Having a well organised interior is also believed to help improve a home owner’s chi – a concept which means ‘life force’ of all animate things.
Leading homebuilder David Wilson Homes Southern has created a light hearted feng shui guide to help Berkshire homeowners achieve a harmonious modern living environment in their own home.
Rob Allen, Sales Director at David Wilson Homes Southern, said: “The purpose of feng shui is to create space in which chi flows to achieve physical and mental health.
“We have created this light hearted guide for home owners to try out and see how they can make the best use of space in their homes.”
  1. Eliminate clutter

Have a real clear out – we all have things that have been kept in the cupboard for years, in the hope it will come in handy eventually. Get rid of as much unnecessary clutter in your home as possible. You may find this helps to clear your head space as well as your home.

  1. Get some curb appeal

Make your home the place that everyone wants to be. Think about what’s on the outside as well as the inside and be sure to sweep the leaves, move the bins, and tidy the garden to keep your home looking presentable.

By getting rid of any weeds or mess, you will feel more relaxed and proud of the home that you own.

  1. Introduce house plants

House plants signify nature, growth and creativity! Add some nature to your home to reap the benefits of feng shui. Be sure to buy easy to manage plants that require little attention but can provide excellent rewards.

House plants can take pride of place on a window sill or on a coffee table and will brighten any room. Not only are they pretty to have around but they will bring a beautiful fresh scent that will keep you feeling happy and alert.  

  1. Attract wealth into your home with vibrant colours

Using vibrant colours in your home such as red, purple or green can help you to attract wealth into your home. The colour red can be easily associated with power and success, think of walking down a red carpet, putting on a red lipstick or wearing a red power tie.

Purple and green are also great colours for welcoming success into your property, but be sure you’re decorating your home with mindfulness and enhancing the power of your own home when choosing a colour.


  1. Get two night stands

Make sure your bedroom is balanced with a side table on either side of the bed. These do not need to match or be traditional nightstands, as chairs, trays or stools will work just as well.

Creating a balanced room will allow you to feel more in control.

For those who cannot reposition a desk, placing a large mirror on the desk will emulate this nifty trick.

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