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Summer Cycling

Make the most of the glorious weather and head outside on your bicycle – here are a few handy tips!

Pick the right jersey
British summers are the most unpredictable climate. Even more unpredictable than a toddler on E numbers but treat yourself to a cool short-sleeved jersey.

Look after your skin
Yes, we know those tan lines are an all-important badge of cycling honor to some but keeping your skin safe should be your priority. Use appropriate sun cream!

Protect your peepers
Another essential bit of kit is your cycling sunglasses. The intense ultraviolet rays in sunlight damage sensitive cells in your eyes, the cumulative effect of which can result in cataracts, clouded vision and even worse!

Protecting your hands
Just because the sun’s come out, it doesn’t mean you should cycle without gloves. Opt for a pair of short-fingered mitts that will prevent your grip slipping through sweat, will protect your hands in the case of a tumble and will help support your hands, preventing nerve damage.

Sort your shorts
If you don’t own a pair of bib shorts now is the time to invest. Why won’t regular shorts do? Because they have a waistband that can dig into your tummy – not great when you’re bent over on a bike all day.

Recover right
Before you set out on your ride, pre-prepare your recovery drink and leave it chilling in the fridge for when you get in. Something like a flavored protein shake would be ideal as the fluid in it will help boost hydration while the protein will help repair muscle tissue.

Hell to the helmet
Just because the roads aren’t covered in ice, it doesn’t mean you can be without your lid. Don’t dream of giving your helmet a summer sabbatical.

Watch the road
Summer riding should be a piece of cake compared to the ice, snow and sleet that blights saddle time the rest of the
year, but it still has its pitfalls and potholes!

Bring the boat
British weather is so volatile why? Well, it’s British weather, so prepare for rain whenever – even in the middle of August!

Treat yourself
It is summer, which means you can ditch the base layer, right? Not necessarily. Treat yourself to a lightweight, polyester summer base is gossamer-thin and super breathable is ideal for wicking sweat away from your skin, helping to keep you dry.

Make sure you drink enough
Sweat is your body’s way of cooling itself down to prevent overheating. You need to replace the sweat you lose with even more water to remain hydrated. Your body will tell you when enough is enough.