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Top 3 Sofa Trends for 2018

The right sofa can effortlessly transform your living room – but it can be tricky choosing the right one. 

Here’s a way to start: by identifying the hottest trends that will have your sofa (and living room) looking fresh and modern. 

In recent seasons, velvet sofas have really come into their own, but now we’re also seeing them in unusual colours that add a lot of personality.

1. Mid Century Styling

As the saying goes, if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. And the clean, minimal silhouettes that define mid- century furniture is a classic look that still makes a strong style statement, as you can see with our Carlton and Finsbury sofas. 

It’s all about the details here, focusing on charming button back cushions and high wooden legs that have vintage appeal while still looking thoroughly contemporary. 

The great thing about a Mid Century-inspired sofa is that it ups the style factor while still staying relatively simple. You can lean into its timeless quality and accessorise a brown sofa with warm wooden tones and brass accessories for an elegant, classic space. 

Or you could take it in another direction entirely, you can also mix and match for an eclectic living space, throwing a vintage-inspired sofa next to a modern armchair or side table, for a carefree, yet elegant look.

2. Jewel tones and velvet 

Another direction to take: go big with a velvet sofa!

In recent seasons, velvet sofas have really come into their own, but now we’re also seeing them in unusual colours that add a lot of personality. Take advantage of velvet’s distinctive finish, its richness and sheen, and work with colours that showcase that. 

Brighter tones like ruby red and emerald green are perfect as accent shades, especially effective for bold statement pieces like our Charleston in burgundy. If you prefer something softer, a grey or cream velvet fabric can add a little glamour to an otherwise neutral hue. With so many options available now, this is a flamboyant, yet surprisingly versatile look to play with.

3. Go grey

Grey will never go out of style, and in 2018, its versatile, easy qualities make it a top trend to look out for. Its soft, gentle tones work well as a neutral, making it compatible with a variety of interiors while still imbuing your home with personality. 

Grey’s biggest advantage is its ability to stand out in both light and dark rooms. A grey sofa can contrast nicely against a bold feature wall, and also teams up well with other neutrals like white and beige for a light and airy living space.

For an interior that’s both classic and comforting, opt for a fabric sofa and accessorise with pillows and throws – velvets and knits are great finishes to experiment with. You can also take an edgier route with a leather sofa. Complement it with brass elements and sleek surfaces for a modern, sophisticated touch.

  • Charleston Velvet Sofa - Wine - £649.99  Charleston Velvet Sofa – Wine – £649.99
  • Kansas Contemporary Grey Sofa - £499.99 Kansas Contemporary Grey Sofa – £499.99
  • Kansas Grey Sofa - £499.99 Kansas Grey Sofa – £499.99
  • Carlton Black Mid Century Sofa - £399.99 Carlton Black Mid Century Sofa – £399.99
  • Carlton Black Sofa - £399.99 Carlton Black Sofa – £399.99
  • Carlton Cream Sofa - £399.99 Carlton Cream Sofa – £399.99