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Linguine Alla Carbonnara

This is a very quick and simple recipe, Linguine Alla Carbonnara, we picked this up from a wonderful little restaurant in Rome a few years ago and was an instant hit on the menu when we got back.

Blanched linguine 300g (75 grams per person)
Good quality smoked bacon whole piece about 300g diced or diced smoked lardons 300g
Good quality parmesan 100gs grated fine
Garlic one whole bulb diced fine
Double Cream 200ml
Pepper course ground

Let’s get going. . .
1. Heat frying pan on the hob, add a drop of oil just a little. Now add your diced bacon and render down until the fat is coming out then add your diced garlic and lightly colour.
2. Add in the double cream and parmesan and stir. Bring to a boil and add the pasta. Toss the pasta in the sauce until it is clinging to the pasta and season with pepper, you shouldn’t need any salt, now remove from the heat.
3. Use a meat fork and twist the pasta around and lift in to a bowl to serve once the pasta is in all the bowls, spoon the remanding sauce over the pasta garnish with a little fresh chopped parsley and enjoy. Italian simplicity at its best.