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Hair Facts Summer sun…

Our hair gets harmed in many different ways during the summer – overexposure to sun’s harmful rays, sweat, humidity and in the swimming pool with chlorinated water. A little pre-emptive care is all your hair needs to stay beautiful!

1. Summers already dries your hair out and causes damage to them. So make sure you go easy on any chemical hair treatments during this period. Avoid too much colouring. If you want to colour your hair during the summer, try and do it a month or two before the sun hits hard.

2. While the sun is drying out your hair, make sure you help restore some moisture and life in it by using a rinse-out conditioner.

3. When going swimming, remember DO NOT shampoo before you go for a swim, as this will rob your hair of all protective oils and will make it extra vulnerable to the chemicals and salt in the water.
Once out of the pool and take a quick shower, use a shampoo that contains ethylene tetra-acetic acid. This will remove any harmful effects of chlorine that the water may have.