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Police Advice – Drug Driving

It is against the law to drive under the influence of illegal drugs, or if you have certain drugs above a specified level in your blood.

Similar to drink driving, the police have a roadside test that makes it easier to detect those who are driving under the influence of illegal drugs. Officers can test for cannabis and cocaine at the roadside, and screen for other drugs, including ecstasy, LSD, ketamine, and heroin at the police station. Even drivers that pass the roadside check can be arrested if the police suspect that your driving is impaired by drugs.

The consequences
The penalties for drug driving are the same as for drink driving. If you are convicted you could face:
l A minimum 12-month driving ban
l A criminal record
l An unlimited fine
l Up to 6 months in prison
l An endorsement on your driving license for 11 years

The consequences of a drug drive conviction are far-reaching and
can include:
l Job loss
l Loss of independence
l The shame of having a criminal record
l Increase in car insurance costs
l Trouble getting into countries like the USA