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Hungerford Library Building handed over to Town Council

West Berkshire Council has handed over the running of the Hungerford Library Building to Hungerford Town Council.

The arrangement, which was agreed at a meeting of the Full Council was officially signed on 15 June. 

Hungerford Library will continue to be run by West Berkshire Council within the building with Hungerford Town Council leasing the building from the council building on a 99 year lease at a peppercorn rent.

Dominic Boeck, west Berkshire’s Executive Member for Culture and Libraries said: “Handing over the running of this well located building will provide Hungerford with a great community hub and will also help to future-proof the much loved library service.

“We are responding to requests from parishes to run buildings which saves the council money at a time when funding is low and, in this case, will embrace and encourage active community partnerships while helping to protect and preserve our valuable library service.”

Cllr Helen Simpson, Mayor of Hungerford said: “We have come a long way from the threat of library closure to agreeing a lease of the Library building and securing the future of the library.

“The use of the building is set to flourish under the stewardship of Friends of Hungerford Library and a trust which was established to manage the building for our community.

“Huge thanks must go to ‘The Friends’ whose input from the beginning has been a determined force of drive and commitment, also to the trustees who will now manage this valuable community asset into the future. 
“This has been an impressive ‘working together’ story, reaching the best outcome for the residents of Hungerford. Thank you West Berkshire Council for allowing the creative ideas of our team to become a welcomed reality.”