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Retirement is well on track for Berkshire couple with new home at the chase

A couple who were born and raised in Berkshire have discovered the perfect place to spend their years of retirement with a new property overlooking Newbury Racecourse at David Wilson Homes’ development The

Chase.Geoffrey (77) and June (74) Miles, originally from Newbury and Bucklebury, moved onto the Racecourse Road development having previously spent 12 years in a David Wilson Homes property at Bucklebury Mead. 

The couple are semi-retired with Geoffrey still partaking in occasional consultancy work having formerly been a Senior Property Manager, and they have two grown up children, Lisa (50) and Justin (46), as well as a Sealyham Terrier named Daisy.

Geoffrey said: “When friends and family have visited they have said how lucky we are to have the view of the racecourse from our lovely balcony. It’s fantastic because we’re in the country, we have the views and we’re still close to the amenities.”

“I’m not a gambling man, but I do enjoy the thrill of a horse race and we’ve certainly looked at the race calendar. We’ve managed to see some race days already, both jump meetings and flat races.

“The racecourse is beginning to look quite special and I’d even go as far to say it’s on par with Ascot.

“As members of the complex, we’ve recently discovered we get a free membership for the first year and this also entitles us to attend any music events held at the venue.

“The Chase is a wonderful place to retire. This is probably our last house and Newbury is a very nice place to live with easy access to roads and railways. It’s the ideal location and the layout of the whole complex is perfect for safe dog walking.”

Despite moving into a three-storey Houghton style home featuring three bedrooms, Geoffrey and June have downsized with their new property.

Geoffrey added: “We’ve always been an impulse buying family and we haven’t made a mistake buying this house. We downsized in terms of the number of bedrooms because we felt it was the right time in our lives to do so.

“Following our talks with the Sales Advisers, we walked away knowing we wanted to purchase this particular plot and all that was left to do was to add the finishing touches of our choice. I would certainly recommend David Wilson Homes to family and friends.”

After spending over a decade in a David Wilson property, the decision to move into another of the developer’s homes was a simple one.

Geoffrey said: “Having owned a David Wilson home before, we knew it would be right for us as we already knew the contractor. After 52 years of marriage, June and I know what we are both looking for and the quality of the property is exactly what we would want.

“This property was the first one that jumped out at me on the site plan as it has slightly larger garden with side access.

“It all works perfectly for us, particularly the integral garage. We have an automatic door and we can walk directly into the house from the garage, which allows us to bring everything into the house in the dry on rainy days, such as our shopping or the dog.

“I’ve planted new roses in the garden and now I’m just waiting for them to grow.”

Since purchasing their new home, Geoffrey and June have become part of a thriving development at The Chase. 

Geoffrey added: “The new community being created is a friendly one and we are very happy. The development is well managed and the occupied properties are divided from the working site really well.

“One of our neighbours moved from the village bordering our home in Bucklebury and we didn’t know them before we bought this property. Everyone here is younger but that’s no problem because we are young at heart.

Rob Allen, Sales Director at David Wilson Homes Southern, said: “It’s great to hear how well Geoffrey and June have settled at The Chase.

“We feel this is one of the greatest developments in our collection as it not only presents a variety of homebuyers with a lovely new home, but also a unique living experience at Newbury Racecourse.”

The Chase currently has a selection of three and four bedroom homes available with prices starting from £409,000.


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