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Understanding Travel Insurance

Crippling costs
You risk footing a very large bill should you need healthcare or have your baggage lost or stolen. Something as simple as a stomach bug in California, which requires treatment and later flights home, could cost in the tens of thousands of pounds. A broken hip in a European destination could lead to a bill of £15,000

Don’t forget
If you are planning any sports or other activities, mention it. Skiing and extreme sports are obvious examples, but scuba diving and other activities you may not think of as “extreme” may still need extra cover. Know how much it would cost to replace baggage, from suitcases to clothes, to jewellery, including wedding rings.

Why it matters where you are going
EU countries tend to be less expensive while Canada, the US and the Caribbean are much more so due to the incredibly high cost of medical care in those regions.

Declare pre-existing conditions
Certain medical conditions will add to the cost of your insurance because insurance is about risk and certain ailments make it more likely that you might require medical attention. It may be worth looking at insurers which specialise in providing this type of insurance.

Tell them everything
Even if it feels like you are hiking up the cost of your insurance policy. You don’t want your insurance to be invalid if you need to make a claim.

When you get your policy, make sure you read the full terms and conditions and the medical declaration carefully, so you understand exactly what you’re covered for.