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A Summer of Fun

As the school year starts to wind down and summer stretches out before us, parents across the country are looking for ways to keep the kids occupied. The summer months launch the natural desire to get moving. With children’s addiction to gaming now being recognised by the World Health Organisation as a disorder characterized by increasing priority given to gaming over other activities,* now is the time to bring back the traditional fun and games of summers past.

Dean Morris, Head of Marketing at Ryman Stationery said, “Every parent can remember the long summer days of their childhood. They were not glued to phone screens or tablets. Instead, summers were spent outdoors, running around and playing games. At Ryman Stationery we have a wide range of crafts, toys and games to keep children away from the screen and out in the sunshine.” 
This summer focus on fun and let imaginations run wild. Create memories that will be cherished for years to come. 

Let the games begin

There is nothing like the great British summer and with temperatures set to soar, there is no better place to play than in the garden. Games like hopscotch will keep the children active whilst still creating enjoyment. The Smiles Coloured Chalk Pack (£0.99) is ideal for drawing hopscotch grids and comes in a wide range of colours. It is also simple to wash away. 

Bring the games outside with Garden Games Pick Up Sticks (£7.99). This traditional game will have the children amusing themselves for hours on end.

If the tykes still need tiring out, the Charles Bentley football goal nets (£49.99) will provide the fun, as will the Charles Bentley children’s multi-coloured pop-up ball pit play tent with 100 balls(£22.99). By keeping the kids giggling in the garden it gives the perfect opportunity to top-up on that tan. 

Exciting Rainy Days 

This summer don’t let the rain dampen the excitement. Rainy days give the perfect opportunity to bring the fun indoors. The College Craft Storage Tray and Craft Essentials (£47.99) will keep little hands busy making works of art. The storage tray provides children with every craft they need to let their imagination run wild. With glitter, ribbons and foam shapes the children can entertain themselves. There is a myriad of other crafty ideas and activities to explore at Ryman this Summer.

Let the youngsters get involved with the latest slime craze. Just add olive oil and corn flour to Elmers Make Your Own Slime Pack (£14.99) for hours of goopy fun. With all the added personal touches, not only will the kids pass the time letting their creativity fly they will create something that will be treasured for years to come. 

Also, there is no need to worry about mess with the Activity Splash Mats Pack (£19.99). Everything can be cleaned away quickly and easily. 

Create the kids own summer space

Another great way to keep the kids amused is through making a special space where they can play to their heart’s content. The Rowlinson Little Lodge Playhouse (£166.99) will be the ideal location for the kids to set up play. 

Children can play house with the Wooden Play Kitchen(£73.99) and create their own fairy-tale cottage with the Disney Snow White Apron (£5.99). Whether it’s hosting a dinner party or creating beautiful crafts this apron will ensure there is no mess and they are dressed to impress. 

A playhouse doesn’t need to be just a space to create a hideaway home, it can be a creative space for crafts. The Childrens Plastic Activity Table and Chairs set (£22.49) will make the perfect den for a child to set up their crafting workshop and have storage to pack it away at the end of play. With the Crayola Washable Kids Paint Pack (£4.99) children can make their own paintings for their little home. 

So, this summer use imagination and play to make those happy memories and take the kids away from the screen with a range of innovative ideas from Ryman. Catch the latest craze with Flowringz (£3.99), become mesmerised by Crazy Aaron’s Super Scarab (£2.99) or squeeze and squidge an adorable squishy toy (£3.99).