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Parent pains?

As if pregnancy and labour isn’t enough of a physical challenge, baby arrives with their extra luggage and heavy car seats and they steal your sleep and me time, no wonder new mums are in pain! These tips can help beat the pains of parenthood:

1. Feeding : Sit in a supportive chair and use pillows to improve your posture.
2. Lifting : Bend your knees NOT your back.
3. Nappy changing : Use a changing table or place the mat on top of a chest of drawers. You may need to adapt your station, when baby is on the move!
4. Carrying : Use a sling that holds baby centrally across your front. A sling with a hip belt helps distribute the weight. No sling? Alternate the side you carry them on to avoid strain patterns surfacing.
5. Sleep : Ha, what’s that? Nap when you can, as we heal when we sleep!
6. Cot : A cot with adjustable heights or dropdown sides, saves you bending further than needed.
7. Exercise : Walking, swimming or gentle post-natal yoga or pilates are great for strengthening your core muscles. Try a DVD if you can’t make a class.
8. Medicate : Speak to your GP as some pain relief is safe to take while breast-feeding.
9. Ask for help : You’ve just given birth!
I can help too – Osteopathy can relieve muscle and joint restrictions if these tips don’t work.