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Supporting grandparents

Berkshire Grandparents Support Group is a safe supportive space for grandparents and close family members who have little or no contact with their grandchildren due to difficult family situations.

On Wednesday 2nd May 2018, I attended the ‘Grandchildren’s Access Rights to their Grandparents’ debate in parliament brought by Nigel Huddleston, MP for Mid-Worcester. I believe the time is right to create a local group in Berkshire that would support all those grandparents in need.

I am Debi Richens – I am an estranged parent and alienated grandparent. I have two granddaughters who I have not been allowed to get to know, the oldest girl born Jan 2015, and the youngest girl born Sept 2017. I have only seen the oldest a handful of times and have never met my youngest. The estrangement from my daughter has been ongoing since I started divorce proceedings in late 2005. There have been sporadic periods of contact however they have been difficult and limited. I have felt isolated and unwelcome by my own family.