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Creative Nature launches crowd-funding campaign

Free-from food company Creative Nature launches crowd-funding campaign to branch out

Creative Nature – which turned down funding from Dragons’ Den almost a year ago – has launched a crowd-funding campaign to help grow its free-from product range and to further develop brand awareness. They are seeking a minimum of £350,000.

Creative Nature, the free-from food company recently named the UK’s Small Business of the Year, has announced the launch of a Seedrs crowd-funding campaign. 

Julianne Ponan, CEO, chose a crowd-funding model for investment because she feels it’s a more collaborative approach to raising capital and feels the support from the crowd will create life-long brand ambassadors. Her team agreed.  

The campaign was launched to the public today (Monday August 20) and will run for 60 days until Friday October 19 2018.  

“We’re aiming to raise £350,000 to take Creative Nature to the next level of business. This will allow us to develop new products, increase our visibility at relevant food and trade shows across the world and grow our team. 

“The reason we’ve chosen crowd-funding is we feel it’s authentic to our brand and to our history. It’s been individuals and fellow small business people who have encouraged me and my team from the early days, so this feels like a great opportunity for them to be more involved as they can invest for as little as £10.  

“We have a vision of being the go-to free from snack brand in the UK and beyond and it’s time to grow.” 

Julianne re-moulded Creative Nature after taking over the company six years ago. As an allergy sufferer herself, she wanted to create a free-from food brand which offered healthy and safe snacks, mixes and superfoods for people who suffer from allergies and food intolerance.  

Today the brand offers a range of snack bars, baking mixes and superfoods and is also very popular with those who are nutrition and health conscious. The brand is stocked in Asda, The Co-Op, Sainsbury’s, TK Maxx and many others. The team exports to countries including Malta, Iceland and Jordan.  

Anyone interested in finding out more about the crowdfunding campaign can visit  www.seedrs.com/creative-nature

Potential investors have to register on the site before making an investment to ensure they fully understand the process.  

Julianne said: “This is an exciting time for us and we’re hoping our loyal customer base and friends in business will support us.” 

Creative Nature supplies snack bars, baking mixes and superfoods for the nutrition conscious and those who live gluten, wheat, dairy and peanut free.