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Can you drink Prosecco to loose weight?

There has been a lot of press recently that some wines can actually help your waistline. But can drinking prosecco really help you to lose weight? To crack that old chestnut, we need to look a bit closer at where the calories come from in the first place.

of its most essential ingredients – alcohol and sugar. All wines have alcohol (all real wines anyway) and they all have sugar. Both of these contribute to the caloric content of the wines. In most naturally fermented and produced wines, the higher the alcohol, the lower the residual sugar content in each bottle (remember that yeast converts sugar to alcohol during fermentation). So you could assume that the highest alcohol wines are the best to drink if you want to watch your waistline.

Not necessarily so.
Some of the highest alcohol wines also have some of the highest sugar content. Take port wine for instance. A very high alcohol wine (20% ABV) which is very sweet and has lots of sugar. It’s been fortified by adding more pure alcohol while keeping a high sugar content to make it sweet. Calories are in the region of 150 per serving.

Well, then you might decide, let’s just stick with my favourite dry red wine – a nice Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, typically 14% ABV.

Not so fast. A 175ml glass of this famous red will set you back 175 calories, the same as 1/3 of an Egg McMuffin Sausage Sandwich!

But don’t burn your wine cabinet just yet. If we look at a serving of our ever so popular Extra Dry Prosecco, then your waistline may thank you. It only contains 172 calories in TWO 125ml servings!
Hallelujah! Our diet is saved and we can still enjoy loads of our favourite bubbly.

Well maybe. Why you may ask?
It all comes down to how much you consume. Sure prosecco has less calories than red or white wine, but it still contains some calories. So the more you drink, the more calories you consume. A bottle of extra dry prosecco will add 516 calories to your intake. That’s one-quarter of a woman’s recommended daily calorie intake. Less dry ones even more.

Even the “low calorie” prosecco will have in the region of 50 – 60 calories per serving.

So can prosecco help you lose weight? Well, when we want to watch our waistlines and still want to enjoy the party, prosecco is our drink of choice. And according to nutritionist Rick Hay, the trick is to drink prosecco with a protein-based meal or snack, as it helps slow down the rate at which the sugar is absorbed.

But all in moderation!