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Is your fitness regime causing you injury?

Gyms and fitness classes are the ultimate place for me to go to find patients. These are the little mistakes to avoid!

Slouching over the gym equipment is creating a hunched back and flexed neck, which long term can lead to pain.
Try standing/ sitting tall.

Incorrect techniques
A lot of exercises require you to activate your core to support your spine. If you don’t, it can cause injury to discs and soft tissues. Ask the gym trainer for help.

Just doing cardio
Its important to incorporate strengthening exercises into your routine so your body can withstand the pressure of cardio exercise.

Stretching cold muscles
Increases your risk of soft tissue injuries.

Skipping the warm up
Going straight into exercise when your muscles haven’t warmed up, increases your risk of muscle strains and tears.

Bouncing during stretches
Increases your risk of soft tissue injuries. Hold a static stretch instead.

Forgetting the warm down
Your muscles stay short and tight after being contracted during exercise, which may lead to injury.

Muscles need fluid to contract and heal.
Remember if you do get an injury or need help improving your sporting performance, Osteopathy can help!