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A controlled environment- Consol tanning

Whilst the concept of tanning still raises concerns for some, the research into the natural tanning process has developed and the results may be surprising.

Overexposure and burning is dangerous and should be avoided at all costs but tanning is a natural bodily function, programmed into all of us and designed to help offer a natural protection from overexposure. With burning being a damage to the outer layers of skin and tanning being a brown protective pigment from beneath the skin, we can now differentiate the two and ask the question, should we prepare our skin a little before UV exposure?

Package holidays, long days by the pool and lazy days at the beach. How many of us are guilty of spending too long in the sun and suffering a sunburn as a result? Whilst it might seem like a part of life to occasionally, accidentally get sunburned, it can and should be avoided at all costs. Of course, there are many SPFs on the market but at Consol, we believe exposure should be built up gradually and sensibly and long exposure periods outside with unprepared skin, in many cases will lead to damage. By taking a course of short and controlled exposures on our 0.3 safe limit sunbeds with a session tailored to your skin type, customers can generate a deep and dark tan whilst practically eliminating the risk of burning and overexposure. Once the skin has produced the melanin, exposure outside can be increased with caution and damage is less likely. Whilst we don’t advise spending all day in the sun, especially abroad where it is much stronger, we are advocates of skin preparation prior to exposure to help the prevention of overexposure. Of course, finding shade, covering
up and using paraben free SPF if you must spend long periods in the sun, are also advised.

Individuals have varying capabilities when it comes to producing the protective melanin and those with red hair, light eyes and freckles are unable to tan in the same way as an individual with olive skin and dark hair and eyes. At Consol, we have a specialist skin type quiz on our website www.consol.eu whereby a recommendation of your skin type will be provided to you after answering a few questions based on your natural appearance and previous tanning capabilities. Once armed with your skin type, you will receive a professional recommendation for your sunbed session time to achieve tanning results.

Made from the world’s best supplier Ergoline, our sunbeds are unrivalled in their class and provide exceptional tanning results with no risk of overexposure. All Consol sunbeds are fitted with specially designed tubes that operate to the safe level of 0.3 and since session times are in accordance with your personal skin type, we eliminate the risk of burning whilst still generating a deep and long-lasting tan.