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Crookham Manor

At the time of the Norman Conquest Crookham was owned by Alwi Ceuresbert and according to the Domesday record consisted of just three households.

By c.1125 the manor had been granted to the newly formed Reading Abbey who in turn let it out to various people including the FitzHerbert family.

There was also associated hunting grounds, parks. Henry III visited several times presumably hunting in the park. By 1299 there appears to have been a chapel attached to the manor house. It is unknown when the manor house was erected however the location is known as Manor Ash Moats and is situated about 1/2 a mile east of Crookham House (now known as Pinchington Hall).

By c.1542 both the manor house and chapel appear to have been abandoned, the chapel had been leased to a farmer. George Amyand, a merchant from Hamburg, in c.1748 purchased the estate. He appears to have had a new manor house called Crookham House built at close to the present Crookham House. The estate passed into the hands of the Tull family where in c.1850 they had the manor house demolished and rebuilt. This is largely what
remains today.

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