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Professional help and advice for Community

Basingstoke Voluntary Action Group Development Team

Starting up a new Charity/Group?
We can guide you through the process to ensure that new groups are fully aware of governance requirements.

Looking for Funding or grants?
We can help you source grants and also assist with guidance to improve the chances of gaining required funding.
Do you want your charity’s voice heard?

Join our Voluntary Sector Forum to maintain awareness of issues relating to your organisation and have network opportunities locally.

Need information on services, charities and Community groups in your area?
Our online database, information leaflets, facebook page, newsletter and website is aimed at supporting local charity and voluntary organisations.

Need to promote your organisation plus activities and attract additional members or volunteers?
You can advertise for FREE via our various publicity options throughout the year getting your message to a much wider audience.

We can also help you with :
Policies and Procedures, Finances and Budgeting, Volunteer Recruitment and Retention, DBS Checks, Training, Charities Commission registration and Legislation.

For more information and free registration on:
T: 01256 423816
E: admin@bvaction.org.uk