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Why isn’t all wine vegan?

We all know now that most wine is made from grapes and grape is a fruit. So one would reason that all wine is therefore vegetarian and vegan friendly. But that is not the case. Why you may ask?

After wine is fermented and before it is bottled, it usually goes through a filtration process. This is to remove organic impurities and improve clarity and flavours. The impurities are proteins, yeast and other organic particles that are suspended in the wine. If left unfiltered these impurities can leave the wine looking cloudy and some will eventually settle to the bottom of the bottle and leave a sediment.

However this takes time and with wine producers under more and more pressure to produce and ship their wines, filtration products are used to remove these impurities. These filtration products are called “findings”.
It is during this filtration where some wines become vegan “unfriendly”.

Historically wineries have used animal derived products to help settle out the impurities that are in suspension in the wine, and to filter and purify the wine. One of the more popular agents is “Isinglass” a substance obtained from fish and it comes in the form of collagen. Other animal products that may be used are gelatin, a flavourless food ingredient derived from various animal body parts, casein commonly found in cow’s milk, egg whites and chitosan which is derived from shrimp shells.

So you can see none of these products are particularly attractive to vegetarians or vegans.

There are however a number of non-animal products used in wine production by some producers that make the final product highly desirable for vegetarians and vegans. These filtration products have zero animal content and do a great job of removing those pesky impurities that can spoil the look and taste of your wine.

Two such products are bentonite which is a clay mineral, and activated charcoal, being the more common ones.

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