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Befriend West Berkshire project and how it is combating loneliness

There are many reasons why people become lonely, such as lack of friends, family members living far away, poverty and or rural isolation. Loneliness has a devastating impact; it can cause depression and lead to a poor quality of life. How can we help?

Having regular interactions with other people has been proven to combat loneliness, which is why there is a charity that recruits and trains volunteers to become Befrienders for isolated people aged over 50 who live in West Berkshire.

Once trained, the Befriend West Berkshire project will carefully match a volunteer to someone the project coordinator feels the volunteer would connect with. Then, just like a friend, your role will be to take a little time to visit once a week or so to have a chat and enjoy each others company. Becoming a Volunteer Befriender could help to combat isolation and encourage independent living, whilst providing friendly, social contact at the same time.

The time commitment can be flexible to suit your lifestyle, making this an ideal volunteer opportunity for volunteers from all backgrounds. You will be fully supported throughout by the Project

Co-ordinator and have opportunities to meet other befrienders to share experiences. If you or someone you know would be interested to find out more about this project which is run by Newbury based charity Volunteer Centre West Berkshire then contact the project coordinator of Befriend West Berkshire befriend@vcwb.org.uk

Garry Poulson – Director Volunteer
Centre West Berkshire