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The perfect drink for the holiday meal

It’s nearly time for everyone’s favourite time of year. The mistletoe will soon be hanging, the trees will be filling the houses with smells of pine, and the kitchens will be bustling with activity as we scurry preparing for the hordes of family and friends that come to indulge in the traditional, and maybe not so traditional, Christmas meals.

But one of the most important things to think about when making all the food preparations is – what will
make this meal experience
even more enjoyable?
The obvious answer is – very good wine! But which wine will be the one to help set off all the flavours while not overpowering the delicate taste of the turkey and ham with all of its stuffings and accompaniments?
Now here we have a number of choices. The traditional options like a nice New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, or South African Chenin Blanc, are always a good safe option. And for the more adventurous amongst us, we may go for a fruity and dry Riesling from Mosel valley or Alsace.

If you prefer the darker side of wines, (and I’m referring to the red variety!), then a pleasant light-bodied red like Pinot Noir or Beaujolais could be just the thing to set off the juicy ham and the turkey and chestnut stuffing. Even a good medium bodied Valpolicella can bring a new depth to the flavour profile of your dishes.

The key thing to remember is to pair a wine with high acidity, especially if you are serving food which is a bit fattier or salty. The acidity will help cut through both and result in a very smooth taste and enhance the flavours of both the wine and the food.

But in our house, we like to keep it all very simple. We use the one wine that can be served as a reception drink to welcome guests while you put the finishing touches to your meal, an aperitif to toast the holidays, as an after-dinner drink to help settle the abundance of food consumed, and most importantly as the wine to accompany the meal. I’m talking about none other that a luxurious and lightly sparkling Prosecco. This wine is the ideal holiday tipple. It doesn’t have the harshness of most champagnes, so it won’t fill you up before you even start the first course. It has the lightness of a Sauvignon to fit well with the lighter meats, the acidity of a Pinot Noir to cut through the fatty and salty tastes, and the fruitiness to help round out all the lovely flavours of a full Christmas meal.

What a perfect way to celebrate good food and good company! Now all that’s left is dessert – but that’s for next month.

Experience the luxurious taste of our award-winning prosecco, order some Colucci’s today!