• Donnington Grove

Dynamic and Innovative

Did you know that just seven per cent of engineering graduates are female? We must do more to encourage our youngsters, especially girls, to consider it as a career option – and I had the pleasure of co-hosting the Festival of Engineering to do exactly that with my friend and colleague Richard Benyon MP at Xtrac, Thatcham where they make parts for F1 cars.

Over 400 children attended the event and I saw real talent and excitement as they met some of the area’s world-leading businesses and tried their hand at building and making things.

Our region is already a hub for dynamic and innovative manufacturing, from machine parts for submarines and fighter jets to advanced lasers, and it was incredible to see the range of apprenticeships and opportunities they offer. These will be vital if we want our regional and national economies to thrive. We must build our talent pool and make these vibrant and rewarding careers easy to access for our youngsters.

If you’re studying in North West Hampshire, considering your career options and you like designing and building things, I urge you to give science, technology and engineering serious consideration. The future will
be in your hands.