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Popular Asian Dishes At Kung Fu Newbury!

Kungfu oriental buffet, a nationwide chain restaurant brand, has opened its new flagship restaurant at the start of October in Kennet Shopping Centre, Newbury!

To celebrate a cuisine that is so rich, we bring you the most authentic & popular Asian dishes!

Dim Sum

Small bite-sized rounds stuffed with veggies or meat. This essentially a Cantonese preparation.

Hot and Sour Soup

A soup with a spicy and sour broth. It is made spicy by using red peppers or white 
 and sour with vinegar.

Quick Noodles

One of the staples in every Chinese home, this version is super speedy. Just bung in all your favorites and create a masterpiece of your own.

Szechwan Chilli Chicken

A fiery delight straight from the Sichuan region. It is loaded with pungent spices like brown pepper. red chillies, ginger, green chillies, and white pepper.

Spring Rolls

A crisp appetizer where shredded veggies are encased in thin sheets and then fried golden.

Stir Fried Tofu with Rice

A simple stir-fry with tofu and Oriental sauces. Serve with some fried rice to make a wholesome meal.

Shitake Fried Rice with Water Chestnuts

Mushrooms and water chestnuts are used frequently in Chinese cooking. A dish that is fast, filling and flavourful.

Chicken with Chestnuts

This earthy recipe is perfect for a holiday feast.

Date Pancakes

Pancakes are like a blank canvas, ever so versatile. Chinese pancakes are usually made with dough instead of using a batter.

Wok Tossed Veggies in Honey and Black Bean Glaze

A colourful melange of veggies like chestnuts, mushrooms, Chinese cabbage – all tossed in honey and black bean sauce.

Kungfu Newbury Opening Soon

Kungfu oriental buffet, a nationwide chain restaurant brand, has opened its new flagship restaurant at the start of October in Kennet Shopping Centre, Newbury. 

The good thing about Kungfu is that you are relieved of the difficulty in deciding what to order from a long list menu. At the all-you-can-eat Kungfu buffet, choices have never been so easy. With cuisines from Beijing, Tokyo, Seoul, Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok and Istanbul, you have the opportunity to taste different flavours that you may have never tried before. On weekdays, the price is at £7.99 for lunch and £13.99 for dinner, and on weekends, the price is at 8.99 for lunch and 14.99 for dinner. And there are special discounts for children.

The spacious room and vast arrays of food stations and bars are enough to remind you of the mass offering. Seating more than 200 people, it serves around 150 dishes from 9 buffet stations, 2 live-cooking stations, 5 dessert sections, seafood, teppanyaki, noodle and salad bars.

The restaurant is designed to make you feel homey and cosy in every detail. The warm environment, the exquisite texture, and the museum-cafeteria feel make it an excellent place for both individual dining and parties. The spacious outside seating, with an oriental-themed pavilion, offers both parents and kids endless imagination and fun.


Restaurant waiter/waitress

Kungfu Buffet is a nationwide chain restaurant brand. We are recruiting waiters/waitresses in our new flagship restaurant in Newbury. If you are customer focused and attentive to details, then this could be right role for you.

Main responsibilities:

· Provide excellent service to ensure customer satisfaction

· Answering questions to ensure that customers enjoy their experience

· Continually check tables to remove dirty dishes, making sure tables and floor are clean and tidy

· Perform related tasks as required

The Ideal Candidate:

· Hard-working

· Fluent English

· Restaurant experience is a plus

Restaurant – Front of house manager

If you are a customer focused leader and attentive to details with previous restaurant management experience then this could be right role for you.

Main responsibilities:

· Oversee restaurant daily operations and take responsibility for the business performance

· Recruiting, training and supervising staff

· Control operational costs and identify measures to cut waste

· Ensuring compliance with licensing, hygiene and health and safety legislation/regulations

· Promoting and marketing the business

· Appraise staff performance and provide feedback and training to improve productivity

· Handling customer enquiries and complaints

· Preparing and presenting staffing/sales reports

· Keeping statistical and financial records

· Liaising with customers, employees, back of house kitchen staff, suppliers, licensing authorities and shopping centre management

· Making improvements to the running of the business and developing the restaurant

The Ideal Candidate:

· Highly effective communication skills

· Excellent customer service skills

· Ability to respond quickly to problems

· Fluent English

· 1year+ restaurant management experience


To apply, please email your CV to hr@kungfunewbury.uk