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Make the most of the January Sales

Make the most of the January Sales

We all love a bargain and sales save us so much money, right? Yes…but you need to shop smart to take proper advantage of the discounts and to avoid buying things you don’t need.

So here is our one-stop shopping guide to the January Sales.

Do your research – Many retailers market their sales beforehand and some even let you fill your shopping cart before sales officially open. This means you can think and plan, and make sure that your purchases are relevant to your needs. Goodbye post-sales regrets!

Shop your wardrobe first – Take stock of what you already own. This is important when you’re sales shopping. It’s easy to get caught up in the frenzy of snapping up a great deal only to find that you already own three almost identical items to the bargain you just bought. If you go sales shopping armed with the knowledge that you DON’T need brown boots, or another leather jacket, you are more likely to make wise buying choices. Also, if you already know what you do own you can think about what each item you purchase will co-ordinate with, and just like that, you’re adding cool-headed calm to the sales-shopping mix!

Don’t forget postage costs – If you’re shopping online, extra costs like postage, customs and shipping aren’t usually included in discounts. Factor this in and keep checking your cart before you hit the ‘Pay’ button.

Force yourself to try things on – If it’s worth queueing for the changing room, and you still love it when it’s on, it’s probably a good find! If you can’t be bothered to queue then put it back, you don’t love it that much.

Set a budget – If you don’t start with a limit, you’re almost guaranteed to blow your budget. Because…new clothes! Also treat your budget as a limit not a target!

Beware of returns policies – Most retailers won’t let you return sale items just because you don’t like them once you get them home but…

Know your rights – If a sale item is faulty then your rights as a consumer are the same as if the item was full price.

Plan your route – Planning will keep you focused and avoid you being lured into shops you’re better off avoiding.

Take a friend – Make sure they are the rational, honest type of friend who will tell you if something doesn’t suit you or doesn’t fit you. to keep you from blowing your budget on things you shouldn’t.

Wear clothes that are easy to get in and out of – you don’t want to have to spend half an hour in the changing room taking off boots with fiddly catches and tops with twenty buttons multiple times.

Eat something first – Food is cheaper and healthier at home. Plus, it’s scientific fact that clothes shopping on an empty stomach causes us to make impulse buys to satisfy hunger cravings! The human brain is quirky like that.

Happy shopping.