• Donnington Grove

Huge Charity event at Corn Exchange!

On Saturday 12th January between 9.30am and 3pm at The Corn Exchange, you will be able to learn, mingle and find out how you can get involved with various charities.

The word volunteering to some people may mean working and supporting charitable organisations and having a stake in your local community, however, for some it remains a mistery. How do you find out ‘what’s out there?’ Who do you go to and just how much time do you need? Volunteering and community engagement is a lot simpler and less complicated than you might imagine. The time and commitment is completely based on your interests and passions.

The Volunteer Centre West Berkshire is putting on an amazing event designed to help you decide how to become involved in your community. By bringing together around 70 local organisations under one roof, you can chat in an informal way with charities and find out how you can put a little of your time to good use and make an investment in your own community.

The event is called V365 which stands for volunteering that goes on 365 days of the year. If you are interested in conservation, education, older people, counselling, homelessness, poverty, isolation, history and heritage, there will be an organisation for you to meet with and discover more about them.

It is a real educational day. This is an opportunity for anyone to find out about services that are available in Newbury and West Berkshire.

Join us at V365 and everyone will be happy to chat about their work. The Corn Exchange doors opens at 9:30 until 3pm.