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Steps to prepare 5 your car for winter

Plummeting temperatures and poor weather mean the number of breakdowns are likely to increase throughout the winter months. So before the worst winter weather takes hold, here are our top tips for basic motor maintenance that will see you through to spring.

1. Get your car serviced

If your car is due a service, get it done before the winter.

2. Top up engine coolant with antifreeze

Engine coolant should be a 50/50 mix of water and antifreeze.

3. Check the condition of your tyres

As a car’s tyres are key to both steering and braking, it is essential they are in good condition. It is recommended a minimum of 3mm depth during the winter.

4. Prepare for longer journeys

Before setting off on a longer journey, check the weather forecast, travel news and safest routes. Also, allow extra journey time to avoid having to rush. Clear all windows of snow and ice using a scraper and de-icer, and ensure you have antifreeze in your car.

5. Carry a winter car breakdown kit

This should include a shovel, torch, blanket, hi-visibility vest, screenwash, food and drink supplies, scraper and de-icer and snow grips for your shoes in case you need to walk to safety.

Don’t forget a fully charged mobile phone!