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Does your social media look dull and uninviting?

BuzzOnline might just be the answer for your business! We have 2 social media packages for our customers, both offering different features that will help expand your business profile online. Prices start from just £165+vat per month! From using BuzzOnline your business will gain: • Added exposure. • Build product and/or services awareness. • Build […]


Is your advertising working?

Advertising a small business is too expensive to do haphazardly. If you’re going to invest money into either print, radio, TV, or online advertising you need see a return on your investment.
Unfort …


The Invictus Games

Prince Harry unveils the UK team for the Invictus Games Toronto 2017Prince Harry, Patron of the Invictus Games Foundation, recently unveiled the team of 90 competitors selected to represent the UK at …


People In The South East Are Third Most Likely To Follow Strangers On Social Media

New research has revealed the regions where people are most likely to connect on social media with those they have never met in real life, and do not know beyond the bounds of social media networks. L …


53% of UK Pokemon Go Gamers Play at Work

53% of employees who play Pokemon Go admit do so during working hours.  43% say they play up to three hours and 27% play between three and five hours at work a week. 15% say they play the game at wor …


Avanatta: What Would Taylor Swift Do?

If you follow our Twitter feed (@avanatta), it might not have escaped you that we love a bit of Taylor Swift in our office. Well… I say we. Mostly I inflict it upon everyone else, because I am a rec …


Do you have Klout on Social Media?

Do they love you on LinkedIn? Fawn over you on Facebook? Trust you on Twitter? Inspire on Instagram or go gooey-eyed over your Google+? The truth is it can be hard to measure your real impact on soc …


How FIFA Filled A Global Stadium With Fans

With 672 million Tweets about the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, and over one billion fans reached, FIFA’s Twitter strategy certainly wasn’t an own goal. It was a veritable screamer. But there’s more …


The 8 Types of Twitter Ads

A Closer Look At Twitter Cards

Twitter Advertising generates leads at one-third the cost of other marketing channels and has an 8 to 24 times higher clickthrough rate than Facebook ads. It’s time …


Are Companies Getting An ROI From Social Media?

This is a guest blog post by Lisa Toner, Inbound Marketing Content Creator at Hubspot.

A question we get asked all the time at HubSpot; and the answer? We obnoxiously respond with a question, in fa …


Are you a hunter or a farmer?

If you have ever been networking you probably know what a wounded gazelle feels like when a lion happens to spot you!

Such hunters move around the room preying on the vulnerable trying to sell to t …


Are you clued up about Cyber Crime?

Message from A/Supt Lindsey Finch the Local Policing Commander for West Berkshire

Cyber crime and fraud is a fast-growing area of crime. To find out more about the issues and ways to protect your …


Using Social Media To Get A Return On Investment.

July 2, 2014 Michael Collins Social Media

Discover Your Audience

It’s important to identify your audience. For example, which networks work best, and where are you getting the most engagement? …


The art of LION taming on LinkedIn

While Twitter and Facebook Pages encourage strangers to become connected, LinkedIn is all about relationships. However almost daily I am and contacted by strangers who are merrily ignoring the rules s …


What rats can teach us about social media

I was reminded of an important lesson after reading how a farmer in Bangladesh won a colour television after slaying a whopping 83,450 rats– the figure is confirmed as he collected the tails as proo …